Roamin' Chariot

Builder: Pete Crane

John Bogosian's Lil' Roamn' Chariot was the last kit on my grail list that I ever thought I'd get. I've been watching for one on eBay for more than two years and NEVER saw one. Then one day someone offered one, complete, with a 'buy it now' option, and guess what I did? 

It comes with two sets of blower stacks - the original plain stacks from the Lil' Stogie, on which Lil' Roamin Chariot was based, as well as a new set of stacks that are 'ribbed' in order to look like Roman pillars. Having a 'brain-fart', I put on the Lil' Stogie stacks by accident, but I think I like them better. 

Inspired by another Roamin' Chariot I saw in the guest gallery, I chose to leave off the extra crescent-shaped rib that tops the helmet plumage. I think it looks better this way. The gold is Rust-o-leum bright metallic gold and the red is Testors dark red. The green seat cushions are brush-painted with a metallic emerald acrylic craft paint

It's a very fun kit, fits together great (like all Bogosian designs) and I'm super-stoked to have it on the shelf.


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