L'il Roamin Chariot

Built by: Gerry Gaetz (gfgcollects) Canada

I acquired this original unbolt kit from a fellow CC member about a year and a half ago. He had informed me that the only missing original piece was the eagle radiator ornament and that he had acquired a replacement resin cast duplicate. I had fully intended to build this Li'l Roamin Chariot right away but got sidetracked. I happened to rewatch the movie Gladiator and look what happened.Of course this kit is one of a few variations on a certain frame and basic molds that AMT had also delivered as Li'l Stogie and Li'l Hot Dogger.

I used rattle can Dupli-Color Gold Chrome for the main color scheme, added some bling in the form of press on gem stones from a local dollar store and a reproduction decal for the front shield. The kit had the original decals and they looked fine however the reproduction set I had matched my color scheme better as they had a yellow background.

The kit chrome was in really good condition and for added sparkle I used Tamiya Clear Red and Gold accents painted right over the kit chrome.

Fun build and a rare kit to boot... HAIL SPARTACUS!


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