Li'l Mixer

Built by: Dave Van in Hillsboro, West Virginia

This Li'l Mixer was made from the last reissue of Li'l Gasser from the folks at AMT. Because the molds are in China now, the kit was run with all the parts left in the mold. This gave us some Mixer parts and a few Yeller parts. When I got a Gasser kit, I pulled out my mint Mixer kit to see what was missing . Only a few parts would be needed to build a Mixer from the Gasser kit.

I bought the plastic I needed to convert the Gasser to Mixer and started. I made the drum supports from Plastruct tube and rod. Plastruct channel and ladder stock were used for the remaining missing parts.

Tamiya Orange spray can was used for a good "construction truck" look. I made decals for the drum decoration and truck numbers.

I replaced the kit rear tires with the correct tires from a AMT modified stocker kit. The kit-supplied tires are not big enough.

A big thanks to AMT for giving us the extra parts, whether they meant to or not!

editor's note: Dave Van's son provided the scale driver. Click here to see his son's inspiration.

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