Li'l Groovy Grader kitbash

Built by: Steve Hammann in Carlinville, Illinois

Well, how many of you guessed from the hint I gave in my last entry of the Li'l Dragon Wagon what this one would be? The construction of my Li'l Groovy Grader was by suggestion of my very good friend John Dryjanski after he saw my first Li'l Bashers. When I heard the suggestion I couldn't get it out of my mind and immediately went to work.

I started again with a repop of TD's Roarin' Rail and added a scratch built body, controls, and grader mechanism. The motor is also from the rail kit just turned around like the real Grader and treated to the same plumbing and wiring that I usually do. The running gear is again from Polar Lights Snap Draggin' kits.

Paint is Testors Yellow Basecoat and Boyd's Aluma Pearl Yellow topcoat. Next stop on the Twilight Zone of bashing is entry #4 of the original 6, the L'il Baja Bandito as drawn by Frawg.


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