Little Drag
[from the Little T]

Built by:Bob Spedding

The "Little Drag" is a 1/24th scale tribute to the classic Monogram 1/8th scale kit of the 60's. It was built to be as accurate a copy as possible. I used photos of the Big Drag as a guide along with a copy of the original instruction booklet. 

My Little Drag was created using a Little T as the starting point . The body, turtledeck, chassis, and tires are all from the Little T, but the rear wheels are from a Li'l Coffin and the front wheels were made by adding trim rings on top of '49 Merc wheels to make deep steelies . 

The Chevrolet script valve covers, headers, blower, scoop, Moon tank, tach, and gas pedal came from various kits . The hand brake, shifter, and steering wheel were all scratch built. The roll bar and push bars were formed from polished aluminum rod using original Big Drag parts as a quide.  

For paint I chose Tamiya TS-10 French Blue which is almost an exact match to the Big Drag's blue plastic, and I also did the decal artwork to match the original as closely as possible. It was then cleared with Tamiya TS-13

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