Li'l Cheater

Built by: Ira Dahm in Cotati, California

Here is my latest show rod model the "Lil' Cheater". I started this model about 30 years ago, just recently found it and finally restored and finished it. The "Li'l Cheater" was built from Revell's Meter Cheater and AMT's original Li'l Mixer.

The Li'l Mixer's frame was shortened, the engine was moved to the back and turned around. The headlight brace is from the Meter Cheater kit. The front nose piece, the windshield frame and the rear section of the body is from the Meter Cheater and the center part of the body is from the Lil' Mixer.

These body parts where then cut to fit and glued together. Then the body was puttied sanded smooth and primed with Testor's Flat White. The interior is scratch built from sheet plastic, with the seat from Monogram's Paddy Wagon. The headlights and taillights are rhinestones. The Lil' Cheater is painted with Testor's Lime Green Metalflake.

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