Ice T

Built by: Jay Lewis in Fridley, Minnesota

Built in 2006 from the reissued kit this, version was built to look like the box art.

Door lines were cut on the interior side of the body with inside door handles added. The kit's molded-in door hinges were sanded off and new ones were scrathbuilt to look like they would actually work.

A dash board was made and molded to the body with gauges turned from aluminum and faces hand painted.

The body was then painted with PPG Carnival yellow lacquer followed by several coats of clear. After a month dry time it was sanded and polished. The kit decals were applied to finish the body.

The chassis was detailed by adding frame rails with realistic engine mounts. The front axle was modified to look like it actually works. Spindles were machined from plastic with boots made to cover the axle and steering pivot points (steering is poseable).

The fuel tanks were stripped of their chrome then glued together and sanded to get rid of the seams. Fuel caps were machined from aluminum and the tanks painted with Alclad.

The engine was detailed with a more realistic tunnel ram and carbs. I added fuel lines, throttle linkage, radiator with coolant hoses, distributor and plug wires. The hollow side of the pipes were filled then the ends drilled out.

The bed was painted to look like wood with bare metal foil used for dividing strips. The ice blocks were detailed by painting the inside surface with candy blue. I then brush painted clear along the outer edges and sprinkled baking soda over it to look like frost.

Click on the image above to SUPERSIZE it!

Click on the image above to SUPERSIZE it!

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