Hemi Howler

Built by: Harley Richards in Croydon Surrey England

I was given this kit by a friend on the basis that I had to build it, not sell it! It's never been my favorite showrod but when some recent crappy weather meant no airbrush action (cold and damp don't make for a good finish) I looked to see what could be brush painted instead, and this fit the bill perfectly.

The kit came without decals or instructions but these problems were solved by an old Revell VW and lots of test fitting respectively.

I was planning on throwing some detailing at it but then little problems cropped up like: just how would that steering work in practice? (Answer: it wouldn't) And how long would the engine stay put when it's only held in place by one bolt through the sump? (Answer: until you tried to start it).

So I stuck with what was in the box, except for the teddy bear which I felt set off the "interior" really well, and the chrome wheels as the originals weren't plated for some reason.

Paint was all Gunze Sanyo acrylic, slapped on with a brush (or a selection of brushes to be exact). Build time? One week flat. No frills modeling at its best.

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