Groovy Hemtt

Built by: William Jenkins from Schönaich, Germany

Groovy Grader, Groovy HEMTT, Groovy Baby. When you need to deliver the beans and bullets, this OshbyGosh 8x8 gets it there in a hurry! Based roughly on the M977 HEMTT from Oshkosh Truck, a vehicle I put many a mile on while in the Army. The original TD Groovy Grader is only here for reference, since that's what this started as.

The cab was widened to fit two seats and the dashboard from a Diamond Reo was grafted on. The fuel tank was also pirated from the Reo, and the lights and battery/tool box were taken from a truck accessories set.

A new frame was built from the engine compartment on back, and almost everything from the engine back was scratch built from styrene sheet. The crane is fully functional--four hydraulic rams were built from styrene and aluminum tubing. The gears came from the Lego box. The grader's headlights acquired red lenses to be used as taillights.

This project more or less just happened. I was looking at the Groovy Grader kit, spied a picture of my old truck in the background, two and two came together and I came up with eight!

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