Built by: Chuck Darnell

Green Hornet 8th scale custom build

After pondering an 8th scale Big T, I thought.. "what if" Monogram had released a large scale Green Hornet..

I went on a mission gathering parts from various large scale kits, including Lindberg motor parts. I started with a 2005 Revell reissue of the Monogram Big T.

I called out to the troops for a dry flake treatment because I didn't have a dry-flake gun. I prepped the body and sent it to the only guy I knew that had a dry flake gun who is my good friend Tim Nolan..

Tim used his paint system consisting of automotive grade primer, and his secret formula of dark base coat, eye-blinding 1:1 flake and transparent kandy green tint.. The fenders, headlights, and rims were done in a similar fashion without the heavy flake to make things blend.

Resin fenders were purchased from Mike Gradis, and "Rat Rod" John Bissinger donated the custom bent aluminum roll bar ..."just Jack" came through with upscaled decals... then more clear on the body parts then wet sand, wet sand , and wet sand some more before hours if polishing...

Cutting the top was quite a challenge . I made a template using blue masking tape then raised the tape in small increments removing plastic from the lower portion of the top until desired height was achieved.. Then careful measuring and cutting of the windshield yielded the look I was after.

I used the entire Lindberg engine and headers which came from my parts box.. I then fabricated a "hat" from scrap styrene to set on top of the fuel delivery system to mimic the smaller scale version .

It took the better part of a year to gather parts for this project but once everything was on the table it was assembled in a week's time. This short assembly was attributed to a pre-build plan I had made months in advance. Reflecting back I didn't really hit any major obstacles, it was one of those builds that just worked.

This was a fun build with a lot of bling and is one of my favorite big scale models in my display case.

I decided to have a placard made to recognize those who helped make the build possible.. One of my 1:1 car buddies, Randy McElhoe, is responsible for the print work . I would like to thank each and every person who helped me achieve this build !!!

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