Goodguy's Taxi

Chuck Darnell

For the Coffin Corner Revival contest I chose the 1968 issued "Good Guys" taxi. This was MPC's spin on the 1:1 George Barris car which was designed specifically for the Good Guys TV Show.

The kit I started with was factory sealed and the contest gave me a reason to crack the seal and get to work. The first thing I noticed and had seen before was the decal sheet was "sticky"... like the ink had never dried.. YIKES! it was ruined and the cards were stacked against me before I even started ..

I placed a cry for help on the Coffin Corner and after being directed to our Rally Master By Paul Canney I was overjoyed to find out the Rally Master had a replacement set .. Now this is where the story gets

I contacted our Rally Master (during last winter) and thru a blizzard Dave drove over 15 miles (one way)of the Wisconsin ice covered roads to pick up and secure me a set of decals ! WOW! talk about motivating me to finish !!

From here on out it was fairly easy sailing .. many parts had slight bends and warping but through perseverance I was able to overcome the defects to finish the box stock in reasonable facsimile of the movie car.. basic model paints were used to keep it "stock". everything with the exception of the decals came out of the sealed box.. the hardest part of the entire build was the 4 piece hinged hood.

Now the contest is over I may cut some black decal paper to replicate the black belting on the hood. I didn't install it because it wasn't included in the kit and I didn't want to modify it . The body color was a solid base House of Kolors yellow, followed by a light coat of HOK clear.. a little "wash" was used on the wheels, satin black covered most of the roof and interior.. the running boards were brush painted and the engine was Testors bottled paints .. a finicky kit yet a fun build

.. thanks to my fellow CC members who helped me secure the much needed decals for my project !

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