Flying Wedge

Built by: Paul Canney

Within this 2016 reissue of this original 1972 release (in the Original Art Series box), is a beautiful 12" x 9" full color print that is framed and hanging on my wall.

Close examination of the print does reveal minor discrepancies between the artwork & the body within this kit. I have never seen an original model, so I do not know what may be different between the 1972 version and this 2016 one. (if anything).

Regardless, I am not known for building box art models, but this one is just as beautiful as any box art comes, so I had to build it as represented on the cover.

The front wheels however, are not from the kit. They are a pair of solid Cragar’s I have been carrying around for many years, just waiting for that something special to put them on.The original spokes will find a happy home.


Here is the aforementioned poster in the limited-edition packaging...

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