Dream Rod

Built by: Vern Scholz

Car Craft Dream Rod – by AMT

Back when the Car Craft Dream Rod model was released for some reason I did not purchase one, however I have always thought it was a pretty sweet car .It was only recently, and before the Tiger Shark was rereleased, that I bought one. As is with most of these oldies I searched E-Bay for one. When one came up for a reasonable price I picked it up . It was without the box , and was missing a few small pieces, but luckily it was clean and not assembled. Not only that 90% of the kit had not been painted, so I didn’t have to strip and clean. When the Tiger Shark came out, I thought great now I can get some of the small pieces that I was missing! That was not the case , as the Tiger Shark didn’t have a lot of the parts that the Dream Rod had, and vice versa!

Engine parts and suspension parts did interchange so what was missing I used from the Tiger shark, but some of the chrome trim and interior parts ( headrests ) I had to scratch build.

Usually AMT kits go together pretty nicely, not so for the Dream Rod, I had to massage the doors, and hood to fit both the body and for the hood to close properly. I was also missing the exhaust, so I scratch built the exhaust using stainless tubing. Once I had it all fitting nice, I mixed up a custom blend to match color pictures I had of the real car, and then finished it off with air brush fade paint, topped off with a coat of clear pearl . To replicate the white carpet for the interior I used white flocking.

Although it was a bit of a pain to fit and assemble the finished product looks pretty good, and sure takes me back .


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