Builder:Pete Crane

Grampa Munster's 'Dragula' is one of the coolest designs out there, but you rarely see one that isn't painted gold. Like the iconic hot rod from the series, I decided I wanted mine to match my Munster Mobile - black & red, with a touch of purple (my Munster Mobile has purple curtains instead of the usual yellow).

But when I opened the kit, I found it was molded in metallic gold! I suppose the gold kits are more sought after, but I wanted black, so I sold it on ebay and bought another one. Yes, I could have painted it, but I went with the molded black on the Munster Mobile and they had to match.

The opening canopy on the original car is a great feature that for some reason was not incorporated in the kit. So I cut the canopy out of the solid body and fashioned hinges from paper clips and pieces of sprue. The plastic is thick and my only cutting tool was a hobby knife - it took forever!

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