Dragon Wagon

Built by: Ron Lambert in Johnston, Rhode Island

This kit, like most of my show rods, was given to me by my uncle when I was about ten. He built it when he was a kid. Along with the rest of the models he sent me, it suffered major damage when the shelf it was sitting on fell. I had been waiting about 15 years to figure out how to fix it. With the information from this site that a Hangman had most pieces to fix it, I got a a bowl of Formula 409 went to work.

Step one was disassembly. I only broke the windshield and one rear cage piece. I then dunked all the parts in 409 for a 3 months. It took the paint right off with some scrubbing with a tooth brush. I was in no hurry--I had waited a long time to fix this.

While the cage, dragon, and headers were stripping, I acquired a Hangman. I painted it up and assembled it as best as I could. Most of the Dragon Wagon parts were missing or broken so I just used the stuff from the Hangman. I know it's not perfect, but I'm just happy it's back on display and not sitting broken in a box anymore. The only original parts are the dragon, cage, headers windshield and fenders. I am thrilled to have this one back.

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