Double Birdie 'T'

Built by: Rich Haberkorn of Hagerstown, Maryland

The Double Birdie T Rod is a bucket T Rod with twin Thunderbird big blocks!

I kitbashed the AMT '25 Ford Roadster with the old Mysterion kit. The heart of this T Rod is the frame which is made from the frames of both kits and a special scratch built bell housing set up for two engines to go through one gear box. Two chromed big block Thunderbird engines topped off with six 2 barrel carbs and nice velocity stacks.

Custom seats and huge slicks take up the rear. Details include; plug and coil wires,throttle cables, fuel lines, "braided" radiator hoses, and brake lines. A classic 'T Radiator and front mount fuel tank. Wouldn't ya like to take this baby out on Saturday night?

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