Depth Charger

Built by: Boban Arsic [Hobby Bobby]

Depth Charger - Aqua-Rod

Straight from the Davy Jones' custom shop comes the "nautical-but-nice" Depth Charger!

It's a far-out aquarod with rear mounted "deep six" engine, "scuba-styled" body and "gobs" of Neptune-inspired accessories.

Turn on this "bubble machine"!

Additional features include: "peekaboo" periscope guidance system, "snorkel" exhaust, "sharkshooter" spear gun, pontoons and "scuba stopper" anchor.

A holy grail of show rod enthusiasts, AMT's "so-nautical-it's-nice" Depth Charger is back!

A super fun kit from all angles, this deep sea diving dragster has waves of chrome goodies and an expanded original decal sheet with a sea of options.

I've always wanted to have one of these kits.

Man, I've been waiting long for it...

When I finally got it I decided to build it just like the box art, but then I decided against that balloonie wheels.

So, I replaced them with two of my homemades.

At first I had no idea at the combination of colors.

The result was then done with Tamya spray cans.

The interior is a aqua green, acrylic matt paint, FIN by WACO.

A few small mods here and there, hope, you like it.

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