Deora (custom)

Built by: Virgil Stanbary in Burlington, Iowa

This time I have built a Dodge Deora basically stock from the box.

The Tonneau cover is scratch built from 'Evergreen' plastic. The slant six engine is wired but virtually impossible to see after the kit is built, so I cut the top off of the engine cover in the interior and covered it with clear plastic. The mirrors are from the D-50 Ram truck kit.

I had the streamline body in my spare parts box which is from a '62 Ford pick-up model. Since the go-cart was long gone, I scratch built a go-cart frame and the entire interior of the body. The bubble canopy was built from a 1/32 scale P-51 Mustang (mounted backwards!).

The wheels and tires are antique airplane wheels from Williams Bros. The bodies of both vehicles were painted with Dupli-Color Camel and the interior is in Testors Mustard and Earth colors. For an older kit, This was fun and easy to build.

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