Creepy T

Builder by: Jim Garubba (plastimatic) – Sterling, VA

A creepier version of the Creepy T… a lot more bone-toned. The perfect build for the Halloween season!

The body is painted glossy casket bronze and soft iron for the frame.
The kit’s triple intake engine was replaced with something a bit more melodramatic, done up in blacks and copper, with a set of rib cage pipes. Those got a dry bone paint job, and the same for the wheels, roll bar and skull.

Dry brush woodtones on the trunk, and headstone marbling for the radiator. The glaring red and chrome skull eyes from the kit were swapped for ghostly green pearl ones.

I’ve built a glow version of this before, but it didn’t feel creepy enough.

I’m happy with it now. I hope the spirits are okay with it as well.

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