Built by: William Jenkins from Schönaich, Germany

Here's the CaraVandal, my version of another TD classic. I've enjoyed building the Vandal over the years and began wondering what a next generation version would look like.

Starting with the Dodge Caravan, an Olds Aerotech canopy was grafted to the driver's side. A detailed Viper V10 rides shotgun. The front end was modified from a custom '50 Ford piece and the rear bumper was modified with a Dodge Stealth bumper.

Two Viper chassis were put together to fit the wheelbase. The interior was scratch-built to resemble the original, then silver-gray flocking was applied throughout. Every effort was made to capture the look of the original Vandal, even the spoiler on the back. I haven't decided if I want to put graphics on it or not.

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