Candy Chop (Cherry Bomb trailer/motorcycle kitbash)

Built by: Ira Dahm in Cotati, California

I built the Candy Chop for Car Model Magazine in 1972. This custom trike is made mostly using parts of the trailer and motorcycle from the Monogram Cherry Bomb kit. The original article was over 40 steps and 6 pages long.

Basically the trailer body was cut off in front of the fenders to form the main body, and then the front 1 3/16" was cut off the front (cut off) section, to form the upright seat back. Sheet plastic was used to fill the wheel slots, the front edge of the body and to bridge the area between the fenders. The motorcycle frame was cut off at the rear fender and attached to the modified trailer body, the fork collar was cut off and extended, the gas tank was removed and replaced with a bullet tank.

The forks were modified by adding a second set of fork legs, lower brace and shocks. The seat was cut in half and fitted to the Candy Chop. The engine was completely wired with a Weber carburetor added. The exhaust pipes were extended with flared injector stacks from a MPC Zinger. The rear wheels and tires are also from the Zinger. The rear tail light and bracket are from the Pie Wagon kit. Several other details were added including Kemtron plastic bolt heads from HO railroading.

The paint is a combination of Tester's yellow and green spray paint as a base coat, with yellow on the top of the Candy Chop, and the green sprayed up from underneath. The lime gold was sprayed over the yellow and green for a simple but impressive paint design.

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