C * Section
from Ice T & Pie Wagon

C * Section

Built by: Jeff Miller / Chino Hills, CA

Built as a tribute to Tom Daniel’s 75th birthday the C section gets its name from the large section cuts needed to combine Tom’s Pie Wagon top to the Iced-T body. This is truly a showrod kitbash with the 3rd kit being used, the Monogram Groovey Grader engine & rear tires.

I’ve always liked the unique styling of Ford’s early panel wagon effort, in fact the very first showrod I ever laid eyes upon is Bob Schoonoven’s Pizza Wagon, a true 70’s showrod that’s still alive & well today.

The paint job with hand painted flames & custom made decals are taken loosely from Bob’s classic C-cab as is the plush interior created by the use of real suede leather & bleached wood. I kept the engine details to a minimum & scratchbuilt most of the frame.

I enjoyed building this as it’s my first & only C-cab to date & while there are more popular C-cab builds out there, my intension was to build an extremely shapely C-cab & I believe I did just that..!

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