Boothill Express

Built by: William Clark Galion, OH U.S.A.

The BOOT HILL EXPRESS has always been one of my favorite Show Rods.

I built this Boot Hill Express for two contests in the fall of 2011. It won a Boot Hill Express build off called Moderator Madness. And took 3rd place in the 2011 Kobweb Klassic here on the Coffin Corner. It's basically stock with a few upgrades.

I replaced the slicks with a little beefier set. Replaced the Injector tubes with scatch built aluminum tubes. I also made a different seat rail, and the grab irons out of aluminum.

The paint on this is all Testors One Coat,The main body color is alternated mist coats of Flaming Orange, and Pure Gold. The window frames, and corner inlays are Pure Gold. And the roof is Blazing Black. Bare Metal Foil was used on the window trim, and the 2 side lanterns.

I drilled out the gauges on the instrument panel, and inserted photos of gauges from behind.


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