Beverly Hillbillies

Built by: Jim Garubba (plastimatic)

Jed's Ride

I put together the Beverly Hillbillies rod as if Jed had stopped Jethro before he went too far and created that over-the-top ride.

It’s more like the original had just got spruced up a bit, making good use of Jethro’s 50 cent a week allowance. Considering the car actually belonged to Jed’s cousin Pearl (Jethro’s mother - she told Jed he could keep the car as long as he kept Jethro), it just seemed fitting.

Building it this way still left it open for a lot of weathering.
The body was painted in black primer, followed by a coat of dark gray primer, then hand-rubbed (literally) to bring out the edges before I sealed it under satin clear.

Of course, copious amounts of drybrushing was done to bring out the details on the truck bed, undercarriage, and Granny’s bench.

It could almost actually pass a vehicle inspection now  ...well, not if Granny is sitting on the bench

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