Bad Man

Built by: Rob Riley in Bloomington, Indiana

This kit was picked up at the local hobby store for $3.00! All that was wrong was that the box had been opened and the bumble-bee stripes had been taken (someone cut them off the decal sheet).

So, I painted this one smoothster yellow, with no clear coat (I used a hot spray bomb). The only things changed were the back rims and the blower injector scoop (sorry, but I didn't get any shots of the motor). Other than that, it's right out of the box.

The interior is black, and the chassis is black with silver details. The injector scoop came off of a top fuel funny car for more realism (the original 2 piece unit does not look as good.) The back rims came from the old dragster called the stinger, and they were painted flat gray with chrome trim rings. These are more like the old Americans than what was provided in the kit.

This is one of my all time favorite kits, and I'm going to pick up the die cast version soon.

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