Bad Medicine

Built by: Brandon Flannery in Bakersfield, California

This is one of my favorite kits. Thank you Monogram for re-issuing Old Kits!! I decided to build this just like the box art. I painted the body with Testors Panther Pink, and I found this to be the closest match to the box art in a can. I painted the engine Boyd Smoothster Yellow, and, breaking new ground...Wired the Engine!! Piece of cake, I purchased all the stuff for under 15 dollars! Thanks Paul for the MOTOR-vation!

On the interior, I painted the coffin pleats with gloss black, and dry brushed flat black around to duplicate crushed velvet. To detail the driver, I just cleaned my paint brush and dry brushed the thinner wash in the crevices! Definitely a cool kit, and it goes together easily!


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