Bad Medicine

Built by: Paul Burke in Cotati, California

I just recently finished this one. It is from the current reissue kit. I wanted to give it a more of a garish 70's type paint scheme. I started by sanding that body that body real smooth, then primed it and laid a coat of white base down. Then about halfway down the body, I faded in some House of Color Sunrise Pearl. Then I masker off around the indentation in front of the rear fenders, and faded in HOC Bitter Sweet Pearl. I then masked the C cab, and did a little marbleizing, using a violate peal in the marbleizer, then trimmed it in a light brown wood color.

I then did a 3 tone green scallop on the lower side of the car, and added the Bad Medicine decal around the cowl, then the whole car was clear coated and polished. The engine block is gold and the pipes are done in Testors Gunmetal Metalizer paint, the buffed out. The blower cap is painted to match the car.

I wired it up and ran the fuel lines. The interior is done in Violet, and the bones are detailed with flat white and black detailer What a goddy mess but hey, that was the 70's, wasn't it? Great Kit!!!!!


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