Granny's Apple Kart

Built by: Pontiac Jack in Merlynston, Victoria, Australia

One day Granny said "Boys, I've had a gutfull of Farmer Brown beatin' us to market! What we need is a new truck! A new FAST truck!" She said "Iffen you go down to the shed, you'll find Ol' Grandad's stash from his barnstormin' speedway days. Take what ya need to git my apples to market first!"

Well, we went down to the shed, and what did we find? We found out that Ol' Grandad was a speed crazy hot roddin' demon when he was a youngun! Over the years that old coot had stashed away a treasure trove of hopped-up pieces.

We dragged out his old 1912 Ccab tow vehicle, threw away the runnin' gear and started tackin' on the chrome front and rear ends with air bags, a nice set of mags with super big slicks out back an'skinny little rubber up front.

Then we dropped in a blown Pontiac 4-banger with straight out Zoomies. We made a new interior from old apple crates, an gave the rest a coat of Green Apple paint.

In the bed is the fuel barrel, runnin' a special blend of fuel and Granny's XXX cider. We can't haul but 2 tubs of apples at a time, but we git 'em there mighty quick!




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