Aluma Coupe

Built by: Darryl W. Peters in Stewartsville, New Jersey

Paint: The body was primed with Testors Flat Gull Gray cut with Parks Epoxy and Lacquer Thinner shot at 35psi with a Humbrol single action airbrush. The color coat is Testors Boyd's Dark Yellow followed by a clear coat with Testors Boyd's High Gloss Clear.

Both the color coat and clear coat were cut with Parks Epoxy and Lacquer Thinner and airbrushed at 35psi. The clear coat was rubbed out with a polishing kit and Novus Plastic Polish #2. Turtle Wax Clear Coat was applied for a final shine.

Interior: The interior was airbrushed with Testors Model Master Dark Tan cut with Parks Epoxy and Lacquer Thinner.

Body: No bodywork was required. The kit was built out of the box. Only brake hoses were added.

Trunk: The under hood area was airbrushed with body color and the fuel tank and radiator were airbrushed with various Testors paints. The radiator hoses have clamps made from 1/64th inch wide chrome mylar tape.

Engine: The Mitsubishi engine was painted with Testors Model Master Metallizers and Model Master Graphite Metallic. The valve cover was detailed and painted. The engine compartment was airbrushed body color.

Figure: The figure is a modified Fujimi Garage Mechanic that was brush painted with Testors and Pactra bottle paints. The rag in his hand is a small piece of cotton tee shirt.

Picture: The picture on the easel is a scanned picture from the Oakland Museum showing the real car under construction. It was from a booklet obtained at the museum from when they had the ≥California Car Culture≤ display in 1998.

Awards: The model took a first place in the Customs class at Replicon (Long Island, NY) in 1997 and a first place in the Street Rods class at the IPMS Nationals (Columbus, OH) in 1997. It was retired from IPMS competition after the 1997 Nationals.

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