Street Fighter II


Built by: Bill Martens, Florida 

You gotta agree this `60 Chevy panel is made for Hot Roddin’.

Tom Daniel hit it right on the head with “Quick Silver”, I'd built that one years ago Box Stock. This time I couldn’t find or afford a Quick silver so I used a Street Fighter II.

I started out modifying it by closing the 2 NASA style hood scoops and closing up the moon roof. I wanted to give it that `70’s Hot Rod look with 5 slot rims, which came from a Fast Buck. I jacked up the rear with big fat tires. 

I used the bright yellow scalloped decals knowing they would stand out nicely on this Pactra “Quick silver” metallic paint. I added a little foil where needed. 

The small block Z-28 engine is built box stock, and painted Chevy Orange. The interior is box stock and painted Gloss and Flat Black. I just had to add a Skull shifter on a tall stick shift. The “Too Bad” plate just says it all!


In a Plastic Playground.

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