Klown Wagon


Built by: Tim Nolan  in Edgewater, Florida

Source kits: Tom Daniel Fast Buck 

Jimmy Flintstone Fatatomic Bomb Mercury

Paint: Createx AutoAir / House of Kolors

I always loved those clown cars in the cartoons and movies, and with everybody always goofing on the showrod site with different clown names, I decided to build a Klown Wagon showrod in their honor. I messed with this idea for several months, and the finished build is far different from my original design.

Your first impression of it sitting there doesn’t reveal the whole build. Its when you realize there’s a lot more hidden from sight that the fun begins!

I started out by smoothing off all the rivets and gun turrets from the body, filling all the holes in the roof except the big one, and making solid back doors from sheet plastruct. The rear bumper area was completely removed. I was messing with some of my old Hot Wheels, and looking at the Funny Money gave me the idea for the funny car style opening body. This kit was literally made to do this! 

I made a rear hinge from brass tubing and rod, glued it in place with the body down on the chassis, and when it cured, it opened absolutely perfect!! I made the body support from the same, and it swings down when the body is lifted up and fits into holes in the floor pan. The inside floor pan is made from sheet plastruct, as well as a bottom pan to hide the old engine compartment. I had the small scale Merc for quite some time, and it fit right inside. The body is cast resin, with cast metal tires, rims, and bumper. I built a roller platform from brass tube for it to sit on. The idea is that the inside vehicle powers the truck, by having its back tires up on the rollers, like in a motor dyno. The rollers are connected to the rear end by the chain drive mechanism from the Beer Wagon, which runs vertically down thru the floor. A large handle within reach locks or releases the rollers, to allow the car to run on or drive off the roller block. 

The tires are from Pegasus, rims from the parts box as well s the side pipes. The suspension was lowered as much as possible by grinding down the chassis and springs. Air horns are made from milled aluminum. The skeletal driver is from the Boothill Express, and I added the appropriate clown details such as a bulb nose and big eyes all made from various pinheads, as well as hair shaved off a stuffed animal, and some really fine detail painting on his face. Shifter is made from a straight pin, steering wheel is from the parts box. 

The truck body is painted with Createx AutoAir Chameleon Gold, and in the sunlight its has an iridescent green hue and a lot of sparkle. All of the clown faces, ribbons, and the rear sign board are hand painted and pinstriped with AutoAir as well. The whole thing is cleared with HOK Kosmic Klear with rainbow micro flake. Windows were frosted with blue enamel to an almost opaque finish. The Merc is painted with HOK Kandy Oriental Blue over Orion silver basecoat. Dan Warford came up with some great lettering for the logos and signage, and I was really pleased with his work! 


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