Built by:  Ira Dahm, Cotati, CA

I designed the HEMI HAULER as a tribute to Tom Daniels and the many different versions of the Street Fighter we all have enjoyed over the years. 

The HEMI HAULER is what I imagined the Street Fighter to look like if it were released now, as a new product. The HEMI HAULER features a dramatically chopped, channeled and sectioned and lowered Custom Body, with a Big Hemi Engine, New Interior with Video and Low Profile "Big & Little" Tires with 5 Spoke Mags.

Here is how the HEMI HAULER was built. First I chopped the top about 5/16", and removed the wing windows. The side windows were then reshaped and enlarged. The rear window was also enlarged and reshaped by rounding off the corners. Then I sectioned the body about 9/16". The front end was sectioned in 2 places to form the new grill opening. 

The grill opening was then reshaped to fit the custom grill from Revell's new (2n1) 1959 Impala Kit. The wheel wells were then reshaped, using a 1959 Impala's wheel wells for templates. The area below the rear fins was carved out to increase the width and length of the fins. I also added 1/8th" X 1/32nd" strip plastic to further increase the length and width of the fins. The front fins were removed all the way to the doors and then the edges were rounded off. Front and rear roll pans were made from sheet plastic. A new recessed area was cut out for the rear license plate, and backed with sheet plastic. The new full-width tail light was made from a red toothbrush handle.

The interior and chassis were next, I started by cutting out the seats, floorboard and 1/4" from the interior front. The interior was then mounted to the chassis and a new floor with console was made from sheet plastic. Rear wheel tubs were made from a pill bottle. The new seats are from AMT's 1964 Chevy Impala and a video screen was made from a large chrome license plate holder. The chassis was also sectioned to fit in the new custom body. All the suspension parts were modified to make the HEMI HAULER nice and low! 

The Big Hemi engine is from Revell's 1941 Willys Kit, it was a tight fit, but I managed to get most of the Hemi inside the engine compartment! The drilled out distributor cap is from Replicas and Miniatures, this made wiring much easier. The Low Profile wheels and tires are from AMT's Prowler Kit.

With the chassis and interior finished, I was able to cut out the hood to clear the Big Hemi! The body was then puttied, shaped, sanded and primed. The interior and chassis were painted Flat Black with Black Flocking added, for carpeting in the interior. Suspension and drive train parts were painted silver, aluminum, steel with a little red for contrast. The paint is Testors Lime Gold Metal flake over a base of Testors Gold, highlighted from the bottom with Boyd's Lime Pearl. A few coats of Testors Glosscote was then applied. The stock windshield was fitted to the chopped top and was laid back for a great fit. Excess windshield material was removed with a Dremel tool and it was then glued in place. HEMI HAULER and flame decals were then added.


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