Tijuana Taxi


Built by: Bob Schaffer 


Like many others, this Tijuana Taxi started as an ebay glue bomb, the cheapest one i thought i could fix.

I blew it all apart, fixed the damage, and sprayed it hugger orange, with purple on the frame. The Pontiac mill's carbs were replaced with ones from an Accurate Miniatures Corvette, and it was wired up and put in place, the headers are alcaded, and blued up. 

The chicken coop and ropes always looked hokey to me ,so I used real wood and hemp twine, and added extra chickens from a Tamiya animal set ,roof railings were restored with the help of some wire and  chrome beads. suspension parts are borrowed from a fast buck, with ice t shocks in the rear. the interior is flocked pink, as are the fenders, one of which is a copy my "bargain "kit only had one)  glass was replaced, and carpeting from a bed buggy? was installed.  

The figures were made from Tamiya rally mechanics, cut and fit to resemble the box art, sombreros are fast buck wheel inners, carved down, and paper. rolled into cones. these figures are cool to work with because they're solid  plastic

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