Boss Bulldozer

Built by: Pontiac Jack, down under 

Until a couple of years ago, I didn't realize this kit existed. But it does and it's very KOOL!

Once again it came from Ebay. Fortunately, being a snap kit, it was unglued and unpainted. And the only piece missing was the parachute. Well, I'm guessing that it had one originally, because, you can't tell from the box art photo and I don't have an instruction sheet. Besides, what else are you gonna put there?!

This one is box stock. The only thing I've added is wiring for the plugs, injectors and 'chute. The body is Dupli-colour Buttercup yellow, the seat is Tamiya blue, and the rest is various metallizers. The base is finished in a variety of water based fat browns and washes.

This was a lot of fun to build, and looks like it's doing 200 MPH standing still!

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