Sex Machine

Built by: George Vretta 

I decided to pull out the big guns for this contest. I started off this build by getting the wheels and tires right. for the front tires I used a set of 1/20 scale F1 tires with Cragar SS wheels mated with funny car rear rims. The rear wheels were old drag tires from the parts box again with Cragar SS and funny car rims. 

For the engines I used two funny car engines with a homemade intake out of sheet plastic. The blowers were from the parts box. The scoops and drive pulleys came from AFX resins. 

I made the frame from rectangular plastic stock. A simple rectangle with the side rails on an angle to hold the engines at the proper angle. The big challenge for this project was the headers. I knew that going into it. At first I experimented with plastic rod but I could not get it to bend properly. I did manage to use it for the front axel though. The material that saved the day was solid core solder .093" diameter. I simply cut off one foot pieces and put one end in a vice and stretch them out by pulling the other end with a pair of pliers until it snapped off. This gave me nice straight pieces to use. 

I built the model on a grid marked cutting board and this helped line up all the header bends. All I had to go by was one photo of the model, so I had a lot of perspective juggling to do. The rear end of the car is just my interpretation since I had no reference pictures. Once the headers were done I knew the rest of the model was doable. For the bed I used an adaptor pvc pipe with a 3 1/2" O.D. The seat and roof were made out of plastic bottles I had laying around. The final problem was the upholstery. I originally was going to use crushed velvet but abandoned that after I couldn't find the proper color. I ended up using a two color mix of flocking sent through a flour sifter.


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