Scorpion (kitbash)

Built by
: Ira Dahm in Cotati, California

The Scorpion is inspired by drawings I did back in the 1970s. I wanted to do something like this for a long time.'s Bubbletop Contest was a great excuse to finally build the Scorpion.

The Scorpion's dashboard instrumentation was kept to a minimum because this car has holographic displays for all the the vital information needed. Scorpion also has two joysticks for playing holographic video games, for when you are parked or on automatic pilot.

The main body parts for the Scorpion are from the Monogram Cherry Bomb kit. The tires and rear wheels are from Monogram's Groovy Grader kit. The Quick Change rear end is from the Monogram Pie Wagon and the radiator ornament is from Monogram's Paddy Wagon. The engine, springs and radiator are from Revell's Mustang Mach III and the steering wheel and side pipes are from AMT's Silhouette.

The Cherry Bomb interior was glued in place, then I taped the body halves together to check the fit for the front tire and engine. A front wheel section was cut out of the body and then a section was removed for the new engine compartment. Rear wheel wells were cut out to make room for the big tires. The rear roof scoop was made from the seat backs from Revell's 1939 Ford panel truck and the sunken headlight area was made using the head light housings from the same kit. Round tail light housings were cut into the rear of the body and backed with sheet plastic, to hold the tail lights from AMT's 1962 Thunderbird. Next openings were cut out of the bottom of the body for the rear springs, rear end and drive shaft. The front end was shortened and the grill opening was enlarged. Exhaust outlets were made from teardrop shaped plastic shapes, modified for the side pipes.

The body was then glued together. The Cherry Bomb head light housings were used to make scoops for the engine. Putty was used to reshape the fender/wheel well areas and fill in the low spots. The body was then sanded and primed.

The front wheel was made from 2 inner wheels from the Pie Wagon with an half inch diameter tube between them. Then the wheel was covered with chrome plastic film. The front axle is made from brass tubing. Rear end and engine parts were modified to fit. The gauge panel from AMT's 1929 Ford was used to mount the steering wheel. The ends of the side pipes also were drilled out.

The Scorpion was covered with gray and white primer coats, sanded between each coat. Three coats of Boyd's Lime Pearl were applied followed by three coats of Testor's Glosscote. The interior was painted with Boyd's Lime Pearl with Testor's Flat White.


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