Poindexter's Surfite II (kitbash)

Built by:
Dan Barten in Wauconda, Illinois

Rachel Arron Torelli-Phincklstein, fighting back the tears for her true love, finally told Poindexter's Phincklstein the truth about his birth father. He was told that the guy was no good and to try to forget about him. This was devastating to Poindexter, the truest of computer nerds.

Flash forward to The Jenny Jones Show. "Come on out Ed!" A hippy of old with a tall hop hat. The crowd gasped. Ed told his side of the story to Poindexter. "After Rachel, your mother, l left me, I knew I made a big mistake, I always loved her. Still do." Ed started to sob. "And when she got married I was wrecked and I turned to my other love. . . .cars. I made a dedication to her through a figure I invented from her initials and when I found out she was getting married and moving on with my son and life. . . I was tormented! And your last name now became my character's last name. That is how RAT FINK was born. I put it everywhere, always thinking of you and your mother."

Poindexter realized he had his father's blood when combining two computer mice into the wildest beach bubble water ride know to man. Built out of up scaled Apple computer mice of new and old, with all the proper ventilation systems so he could go any where. He wanted to call it "The Rodent's New Ride", or a mouse related thing but couldn't find the right name. . . settling on "Poindexter's Surfite II". Poindexter started to explain all the technology of his ride, the top detaches so he can surf, but it also is a submarine. He drives the weighted base into the water and then detaches the main pod to surf or explore the ocean bottom, he said he created a surf-dive board with a light for anyone that might want to join him.

They walked out to the parking lot Poindexter got into his Poindexter's Surfite II, and Ed into his original Surfite and headed to the beach to catch some waves. Ed was very proud of his new found son and his interests. And they build show rods, surfed, and did the car show circuit from that day on.

Special thanks to my boy (4) who helped by painting the seat in this latest car. I think he is getting hooked:):):) Also special thanks, Duane Ballard for letting me use his Surfite picture from the last contest, a true great build!

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