Double Moon Bubble (kitbash)

Built by:
Markus Minsinger, Kernen (near Stuttgart), Germany

The moonscope models in the guest gallery always caught my attention. This contest was a good cause to realize my own idea of it. I wanted to create a modern fully functional Moonscope. I used most of the Moonscope reissue kit parts and a few more usable parts of my spare parts box. - especially unused parts of the AMT-Ghostbusters Ecto 1A equipment.

Bubbles are great in space because of their enormous stability - good cause to use them. One is for the astronauts and the other for energy and equipment.

Steering: each bubble can turn horizontally left and right within the "belly"-chromerings. At the connection-joint the two bubbles can twist to provide a better adaptation to the surface. All-wheel drive with an electric engine in each wheel provides lot of traction. As you can see I converted the Moonscope axles a little bit. They are installed within the oval tubes in the lower half of the bubbles. The rear-axles is a little wider than the front-axle.

Energy comes from an enormous fuel-cell system in the second bubble. This provides also a really wide driving-range. In this second bubble you find hydrogen- and oxygen tanks, a converter-unit, pumps and so on ....

On top of the bubbles are in front and back blue xenon-halogen lights. Exchangable in the other roof mounts are the video camera with a supporting infrared light and a satellite-antenna. In the front you can find the laser gun with a coaxial xenon light underneath. At the rear end is another big satellite-antenna.

In the driver's bubble you find a metal-grid construction with the slightly modified seats of the Moonscope, a swing away steering wheel, a multi-use TV-screen as instrument panel, another antenna-unit, in the middle a multi-use comunication unit and a oxygen converter-tank

Nearly all the parts of the "DOUBLE MOON BUBBLE" are scratch-built or modified parts of the kits. Colors are all Tamiya. Overall paint scheme is airforce-like low reflection semimatte light grey and white with some colored accents and some chrome parts. Decals come from different old plane, helicopter or tank kits.


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