Street Beast '26

Built by:
Harley Richards
in Croydon Surrey England


The Fiction: At Uncle Vlad's we know what it's like for a modern vampire, you haven't got the time to hang around dark alleyways waiting for virgins to just pass by, you've got an undeath to lead. So here's the solution, just call 0800-BLOODNOW and we'll get our delivery wagon to your door before you can say "Is that the time? I must be flying".

And what a wagon it is. Based on Uncle Vlad's own hearse from the 1920's we've fitted out the back as a mobile cool box, and given it a bit more go (according to Igor, our mechanic, it's "a totally kick butt set of wheels" but then he does spend rather too much time downtown with those hot rod bums) but we've kept the homely touches like coffin wood dash, steering wheel and shifter, together with a set of carriage lights from Aunt Marcella's own mausoleum. Technology and tradition, that's us.

Also in the pictures you'll see our dashing delivery driver Bradski Pittovitch together with a four pack of our best selling Uncle Vlad's A+, because like our adverts say: "When you're out of Uncle Vlad's, you're out of blood!".

The Facts: This is based on MPC's Street Beast for no better reason than I reckoned that with the Vending Machine due for reissue we'd be seeing that intake system everywhere and I wanted to get in first!

Changes from stock are: full engine wiring, brake wiring, removal of the front part of the fenders (crappy fit and they looked wrong), the decals and about half a yard of bare metal foil (dull and shiny). Foul ups? Paint was rushed (I think some of it was still wet in the pictures), I goofed on the decals as I forgot how visible the carrier film would be and I forgot to drill out the radius rod lightening holes. Still a lot of fun to build though.

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