Sand Shark

Built by:
Tim Nolan
in Edgewater, Florida

I chose to do the 'Sand Shark" for a few reasons, one being I had never built it, and I wanted a challenge to take the ugliest TD kit reissue (sorry Tom...) and try to make it look nice!! the "Dogcatcher" is just so cool, but this thing is just butt-ugly!!

I hate yellow on anything, so a new paint scheme was the first thing on my mind... I started by sanding the body with 400 & 600 wetsand, primering, and then going back over the body lines with more sanding until I was satisfied with a smooth finish and lack of mold seams, then more primer.

Silver microflake basecoat was applied, and then I went in with my Paasche VL and airbrushed House of Kolors Kandy Hot Pink around all the edges and highlights on the body.

I followed the pink with H.O.K. Kandy Oriental Blue, topcoating the whole thing, which turned the pink to a nice burple!! the result is kind of a "70's" showcar job, I guess you could say I "Burked" it, thanks Paul for the inspiration!

Interior is Champagne Pearl. I polished the whole thing with "the treatment" carnuba wax to a nice shine after completing assembly. Bare metal foil was used on the rear door latch, and I made the "dogfish" tag from decal material and! h! and lettered it.

I hacked-up some of the kit decals, (which don't stick hardly at all), and coated them with decalset after applying.

The rear tires and rims came from the parts box, a donation from a glue-bomb groovy grader. the rest of the kit was built box stock, which about killed me, since I hardly ever let a kit go without doing something to it!! All in all, I really enjoyed building the kit, and I was pleased with the end result.

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